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5 Benjamin Moore Colors Perfect for Every Home

5 Benjamin Moore Colors Perfect for Every Home

They say a person’s style changes every 5-7 years. With interior design trends continuing to innovate and your family’s lifestyle continuing to evolve, it’s no wonder you look to redecorate every few years. With good quality paint jobs lasting a minimum of 10 years, our professional advice is to maintain neutral palettes, utilize accent walls or use color in rooms that are easy to swap out when inspiration strikes. Here is a list of the best 5 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors perfect for any home and how/where to use each one.

Revere Pewter


Arguably the most popular Benjamin Moore color overall, this neutral gray tone picks up a warmer green tone versus grays with cool blue or purple undertones.  Revere Pewter can easily warm up any room in your home, regardless of size and works with any color flooring, both carpet, and wood. We would highly recommend Revere Pewter in hallways as a great transition color.

Chelsea Gray


Grays have been the popular trend in almost every high-end development project and residential remodeling projects alike. Breaking from the boring white tones, grays break the mold while still maintaining the clean, neutral look. Chelsea Gray, a medium toned gray color is what I would call a true gray. As an accent wall or a compliment with white molding, this color is extremely luxurious. Chelsea Gray is also widely used in bathrooms and to enrich cabinets.

White Opulence


There is no such thing as a pure white paint. There are just different shades of white, each showcasing various degrees of warmth, coolness, and various color undertones. In my opinion, White Opulence may just very well be the perfect white. At first glance, it really does look white, but upon a closer look, you may see an undertone of a very light pink. Rather than being cold and sterile, White Opulence is warm, illuminating, and complementing for any room in your home.

Black Beauty


It’s true that black goes with everything. Black Beauty is a favorite of interior designers due to its true black warm tone. Used frequently on walls, interior or exterior doors, and cabinetry, Black Beauty creates the dramatic feel you’re looking for while also providing a great contrast to make whites look brighter and cleaner.



Colors can illicit emotion, and blue has often been correlated with a calming, relaxing vibe. Smoke is a gray paint, but with cool, blue, relaxing undertones. This color is perfect for rooms you’d like to showcase a comforting, quiet feel in spaces such as a bedroom and bathroom. The cool blue undertone of Smoke makes it the perfect pair for trendy, metallic gold hardware and soft cream upholstery.

Regardless of what colors you choose to incorporate into your home’s décor, it’s imperative that you test samples. The color on a swatch or even when color matching, once applied in the environment, paint can look drastically different. With sunlight or various furniture colors reflecting off the paint color, you’ll want to keep the sample up for a few days to really get a feel for what the room could look like.