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Setting The Mood With Color in Your Kitchen

Setting The Mood With Color in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. It’s where your children may do homework, the family gathers for meals, and a central location to entertain guests. When considering the psychology of color, paint can be a powerful design element that can drastically elevate the mood. Here are a few of our favorite kitchen colors sure to help you feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.

Calm & Relaxation: Blues

They say blue often evokes a feeling of calmness and relaxation like the tranquil waters of the ocean or the softness of the sky. Like the vast horizon of the sky, lighter blue colors will mimic a similar feel and even allow for the room to feel larger and more expansive.

Cheerful: Yellow

Yellow has always been described as a cheerful color. Reminiscent of the sun and light, yellow is used to brighten a kitchen or even someone’s mood. Muted yellow and gold colors are timeless choices, while an earthy yellow can feel relaxing. Mixing bold yellow paint with vanilla tones will help to tame the dramatic color, making it warmer and more inviting to guests.

Comfortable & Cozy: Grays

Gray paint has been trending for the past several years because of its neutral, versatile pallet. A striking gray can stand out as an accent color, but muted shades can act as a quiet background for various bold furnishings. Dove gray is the perfect neutral tone to pair with jewel colors such as emerald and purple for a cohesive sophisticated feel. And when looking to create a soft, inviting feel, look for cloud gray, ecru, and taupe colors.

Warm & Dramatic: Red

Red is the color of love and passion and arguably the most dramatic color. Perfect for stimulating the senses, red is perfect as an accent wall or on top of cabinetry. Bright reds allow light to bounce off the walls and when used with wood textures, red can warm up a room. When used properly, red can make the kitchen feel elegant and luxurious.

Once you’ve chosen the mood you’d like to set in your kitchen as well as the overall feel for the home, I suggest testing a sample in the room. You can drastically alter the mood of a color with the other colors paired with it. After all, a blue sky feels more cheerful on a sunny day, rather than a cloudy one.